Church Girl

We’ve all dated one, or at least tried to date one. I don’t want to speak from experience because I do hold a deeper resentment for church girls. These treasures of God made me doubt that I too was a creation from the lord. Now, I am no relationship expert, but hell has no fury like a man scorned by a church girl.

I like the way Chimanda says girls. Nigeriany, right. I digress. Church girls are the epitome of beauty, foundation and every thing a man is looking for in a wife. When you date a church girl, your only relationship goal is marriage. Trust me, you think that far ahead even when you are just a week into a relationship.

So how did I meet church girl? Ha. Interesting. She was at a party. Right? Church girls rarely come out to party but when they do, you notice. She will be quietly seated in the corner, probably reading a book to herself and taking a glass of juice and she’ll ignore every guy’s attempt to talk to her. She caught my eye and I decided to do what every man who’s trying to get a girl’s attention at a party does, act like the craziest douche. At least she noticed. And when she did, I decided to apply my more than appealing charm to wow her. We got into it and I dare say I was smitten. That and the fact that she was an amazing kisser.

A few weeks later and we are going out. Nothing unorthodox, just two people planning their future together. Now, I am Christian, and I try my best to go to church but dating church girl made me more christian than I’d ever been. I even did bible studies. For church girl, I was breaking all odds but truth is, I was breaking myself. I was changing. I stopped drinking. I quit-ish smoking. Mehn, I upgraded myself. Or at least I told myself but church girl insisted that my ways had to change for her to accept me for who I was. Oh the struggle to change old habits. And we fought over it. And she prayed over it. Like I said, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for church girl.

I changed. I became a better person. And when I finally thought that I had been made right for her, she’d prayed over it, and Jesus had told her I was not the right man for. Jesus had told her that I was not the right man for her? All my efforts to change and Jesus had told her that I wasn’t the right man?

I just couldn’t hate Jesus. I had changed, but my resentment for church girls has never gone away.

So I say, church girls for church boys, right. Leave the rest to Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Church Girl

  1. Did you ever want to change for yourself more than for the church girl? Cause the only person you owe that is yourself,the reason you resent the church girl is because you thought to change for her and not for you.No doubt you would resent her even in the future for changing you.

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