Kingsman, The Secret Service

It is a beautiful movie. Very amazing in 3D I guess. I wouldn’t know because I watched it in 2D. At the end of the movie, there’s a tribute to the producer’s mother for making him a Kingsman, a gentleman.

I am no gentleman. Don’t get me wrong. I too have many short comings, but at least, I try to come off as one.

We leave in a deluded world, one that barely distinguishes right from wrong, and it keeps on getting more and more complicated when you relate and interact with people. I’ve recently come to believe that I am a push over. Maybe because I hate to fuss about some things, maybe because I believe I can take care of myself, but well, someone called me a sissy because all I did was to refuse to say no. Isn’t that what ladies want? A guy to say yes to their every whim? I don’t know. Isn’t that how it works?

In a series of events that rather left me a little emotionally emptied and frustrated, I’ve decided to put myself first. To put my well being first. The challenge albeit is when you trust and treat someone right, and hope that they too can do the same for you, but many a times, people put themselves first, something I have just most recently realized.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying be a douche. I am saying, be a kingsman, or whatever that means, for the greater good but also worry about your well being. For if you don’t, you come second to decisions people make for themselves, while they put their well being first. So, say no. Let those who need you come to you. Don’t be a pushover, the one everyone takes their problems to for you might end up like I was, drained, defunct and not even a smidge left for your own well being.

Never be too desperate for some shit. Never change for some shit.


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