Uhm! June Musings

I woke up one morning and felt nothing. Nothing at all. How did it come to this? It was not possible! Nothing? How? Why? 2 years and nothing?

These have been my musings this past couple of weeks. How is it possible to go from 100-0, empty, and feel nothing for someone? Where did it go wrong?

Anyway, to a new month, beginnings and what these tidings brang.

1. Find your soul. I don’t know. Just look for the damn thing. You need it. If you haven’t, try soul searching. And no, Google also doesn’t know. I already tried.

2. Think on your feet. Think with your feet. Always leave clean, because you never know when you just might go back. This applies to the toilet, mostly, but in life too.

3. Better late, than never. I learn new things everyday, and as I was rushing to drop my sisters off, the little one turned and told me to slow down, and whilst doing so, said the famed adage, which ideally meant you’d rather be late, than never (accidents and all!)

4. Read some. Read some more. Keep reading. Hey, I don’t mean quote Chimanda’s Purple Hibiscus and tell the whole world how deep her writing is. I also don’t know, I haven’t read any of Chimanda’s books, but I hope too, eventually. Write now (pun intended), I am reading snippets. The WordPress app is amazing, try it.

5. Keep doing what you love. Hunh! Need we say more, or should I get you a life coach to remind you? I hate life coaches though.

6. Be you. Hahahahahahahahaha. Refer to 5 above.

7. I am me. Yes. Damn it.

8. Be wary of your past. You might find your fate in a Chinese fortune cookie.

9. It’s June. Thought I’d just share 6 musings, but none the less, here’s the last one. 10. If you are not willing to listen, then don’t expect to be heard.

Enjoy your June.


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