Back To School

My teacher once said that in life, we never stop learning. Listening to these words, I wailed. What did he mean by that? Was I going to be in school for the rest of my life? Did he know that I was fed up already and yet I was only in primary (grade) 5? What did he mean by learning?

Well, this is close to 15 years ago…and I am still being taken to school, and this time my teacher is life. Life has a funny way of teaching you things when you least expect them.

About a month ago, I decided to grab life by the balls and take on it mano o mano but life grabbed my balls too and has been taking me to school since then. I started working on an exciting and rather eccentric project. My mind cluttered from school (still is, two years down the road), was challenged. I met a client who went toe to toe with me I felt like all he had to do was know the technicalities of the software and he would go ahead and do the project. I met a client who gave me more work to do every time I met with him I started to question what the 5 years in school were for. His knowledge based on previous experience with a similar project he owned kept pouring and pouring in; from how people used the space and interacted with it to how he wanted to experience it. Continuous interaction with him took me back to first year, when they asked as to design space using our feelings (I know, crazy!)

And yet here I was, thinking that I knew it all yet I know nothing. It is an amazing realization and I am lucky that in my profession, I get to interact with as many minds as I possibly can, and take home as much. So yes, thank you life for these lessons.

“You never stop learning in life. Just grab a pen and a book and get ready to be schooled!”


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