30 Hour Days

“God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good and that’s his nature.”

I know people who are afraid to come off as uber religious or less be judged for what they do. I might fall in that category. I started a spiritual journey about two years ago that’s rather changed my perception, thanks to my persistent mother. I wanted to start this post by saying I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t believe. Strange thing right? Admitting that I’ve always needed Jesus in my life. I find that even if I sometimes waver, mostly due to uncertainty, a little prayer offers peace and solace and also gives me a positive attitude to rather many dire situations; case in point would be what happened to me almost a month ago.

And yet here I am praying for 30 hour days. I know, some people would crucify me for wishing this. Last night, as I reviewed my rather comprehensive  to do list, I saw that I had barely ticked half of it. The greatest challenge for me being that some of those tasks needed to be done  and complete by yesterday. The reason why I am praying for a 30 hour day is because I was in a meeting at 9:00pm! 9? And yet I had another meeting scheduled for then. Can my situation get any miserable!? Anyway, I get home at around 10, exhausted and still feeling uncomplished.

Hey! I am not complaining and trust me, I am grateful that I am now where I want to be but I now need Solomon’s wisdom, David’s courage, Daniel’s humility and strength and even much more.

I am a dreamer, a believer and trust me, with Him, Jesus at your side, you can never go wrong. Well, Allah too for my brothers in their fast.


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