30 Hour Days (2)

It’s exciting when people take time to read what I wrote especially when it’s from someone as borish as myself.

I need 30 hour days? Why? I just need them. I decided to kick start and fixate on my company and in the last month, I’ve peaked such that I barely have time in the day to stop and pause for a moment.  I find myself up at 6:00am working, till about 9:00am, where I then start the meetings, from one client to another, pitching and presenting, with an occasional site visit, and this goes on till about 6:00pm. At around 6:00pm, I try to have some down time, but there’s also those after work client meetings which sees me get home at around 10:00pm. I then sit down and reflect on my day where by I check my to-have-done list and my to-do list for the next day.

Most times, my to-have-done list is usually half done, with some key tasks pending, which I then push to the next day, making my eventual to-do list heavier. The nature of my job also sees me work on the weekends, which is, I can’t explain.

Anyhow, I find myself asking for a 30 hour day every other day just to accomplish as much. I’ve tried to manage my time as best as I can but it gets difficult. Am I grateful? Yes. I’ve been waiting for this.moment a long time and finally it’s here and I am not ready. But I’ll take a day at a time.

I will turn my 24 hour day into a 30 hour day.


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