Writers Club

There’s an amazing song by Proverb whose title is Writers Club. Very eloquently penned down, deep and meaningful, I can’t begin to reiterate it on here. My favourite line though is, I like to be right and I write to be liked! Catchy, right?

I have been obsessed with how people (Ugandans) write on blogs I must confess that I’ve not once thought about how good or bad my writing must be. Well, here is how it began! I decided to go back to the very first post I wrote and decided to read through and well, I did what I usually do to a very long and arduous blog post, I closed my very own page. Was my writing that bad, and uninteresting to read? Had I misjudged the other blogs thinking I was any better? It was so bad I put forward the initiative to edit all blog posts from the very first to the current one but the thought of editing over 200 posts didn’t sit well with me. What exactly was I going to edit? Most of what I had written had come from a point, a muse, a place I was incapable of finding at this stage. So I decided to share the idea with another blogger, and her comments were simple, we grow as writers. If you believe that you are growing, and have grown, let this be an example of that growth. Puzzled and still fixated on editing some posts, I decided to let it be. Well, that and the fact that the energy and time to edit all those posts in nonexistent.

Anyway, I am enjoying my writing now more than I’ve ever done before. When I started to blog, way before my interest in Facebook or twitter, I did it to tell stories, share moments in my life, capture moments in my life and I am ecstatic in saying that this is my story.

Welcome to the Writers Club!


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