July Musings

Well, we have a couple of days left before the end of the month but I feel I should share with you a couple of exciting musings.

1. This sums up my current beliefs. Be patient. Keep a positive attitude. There’s always tomorrow. Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy the moment. Make new friends. Keep old friends. Family is family. Friends is the new family. Shine, it will rub off everything you do. Keep tabs on your ambition. The secret to success is still a secret. Make more friends. Seek new adventures.

2. Write. Write some more. Read. Read some more. Laugh. Laugh some more.

3. Wear jackets. They make you look formal. They command a little more respect.

4. Plan your week. Time is money. Think about it?

5. Don’t argue. Argue. Choose who to have an argument with. Ever been in an argument with someone and feel like everything they say drains the life force out of you? Yeah. And then there’s those people who just leave you agape, wondering what you’ve been doing your whole life.

6. Enjoy what you do. Do something because you are enjoying it.

7. Listen to new music. The music is everywhere, all you have to do is listen – August’s Rhapsody.

8. Learn new words. Use new words in a sentence. Such is life’s rhetory.

9. Share stories. Share you adventures. Embellish a little when telling these tales.

10. Make love. Relationships are healthy. If it is beautiful, then everything around you is beautiful. Make sure your relationship is beautiful.

11. Make money. If you need, then find a way of making. Be honest. When you are honest, then people will trust you and everything you do. Don’t be too greedy.

12. Only fools use the Art of War as a means to get by in life. True, some things are applicable. But hey, the rest is poppycock.

Ah! Am I done?


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