Back On The Road

The air is moist and dusty as I struggle to breathe, something simple yet difficult in my city today.

If the Kampala weather doesn’t worry you, then I might be mistaken, alien. The city is now too bright, dirty and heavy laden there’s no more ‘comfort zone’! But luckily, I am back on the road.

There’s something peaceful and calm about traveling, be it for work or for pleasure. I have been doing it a year now such that I really get excited when I leave the city. I get to see the other side of the country very few people get to see.

Yesterday, a client of mine requested that we go open the boundaries on his site, and also commence leveling works. I jumped to the occasion, not because of the work aspect, but the getting out of town aspect. And there was a catch to it; I was going to drive his car. Yeay me! He had the flu and didn’t feel he could do the 350km journey, and I didn’t mind it. Beautiful car he has. A diesel 2.7 TX engine, there’s nothing the road was going to do. We set off at around 2:00pm but finally got onto the main high way at about 2:40. And off we drove.

While driving and enjoying the ride, I thought to myself, I need such a car, a beast. I started then to chase the sunset while running a couple ideas. There’s nothing as amazing as driving a good car while thinking to yourself, this should be mine.

Anyway, while driving, I thought to myself, ‘I used to be a good poet! Or was it prose?’

Here goes

Chasing Sunsets

As the sky falls
And the sun winks
And the stars start to blink
I start to chase the sunset

As the crickets creak
And the grass glows
And the clouds flow
I start to chase the sunset

As I reach my destination
And think about my journey
And my body wanes
I start to think about the sunrise


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