Life Lessons

Still awake trying to complete work I am supposed to hand in on Tuesday that I just got yesterday, Saturday. It’s Monday and my night’s just started.

I just started a small project in the village and I feel that I now know more about myself than I would if I hadn’t traveled.

  1. There’s wealth in the village. I’ve met some very local people but with brilliant and amazing business minds.
  2. Plant trees. I think it’s the new thing, or should be the in thing. Plant trees.
  3. A child (10 years) came to the site today and asked to help out. Seeing his size and the nature of the job, I told him to fetch water where I would pay him 300/- for each jerrycan. When he was done, I paid him extra and told him to buy some books. But hey, I know he’s been eyeing those juicy donuts in the shop. I realised two things; i) Do we really have child labour laws and are they applicable in a society that teaches the child to work from the onset of birth? ii) I need to work like a villager. This is a simple precept of knowing how to use and maximise resources without necessarily enjoying the high life.
  4. Prayer. If you don’t believe in something, then find something to believe in.
  5. Working on Sunday is not a bad thing.
  6. Hustle hard. It’s impolite to be rude to someone because they look like they don’t have purpose in that moment but you never know where your client comes from.
  7. Clients always come first, even when what they are requesting for is frustrating and time consuming, viz, this work I am supposed to hand in on Tuesday.
  8. Travel. Uganda is blessed beyond. I find the streets of Kampala too congested. But, if you have been to Kabagarame in Bushenyi, then you know what I am talking of. In fact, if you are ever in Bushenyi, check out Kabagarame.
  9. Carry a book on you at all times. I sometimes go through my note book and are amazed at the many things that run through my mind.
  10. Save!

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