Wedding Meetings

I’ve always frowned upon these things called wedding meetings. I always felt that they were a scam created by unprepared couples to stifle the little resources families didn’t have.

But that changed today.

This was a couple that had decided to take that step into the very frightening institution of marriage. Our parents have made and made their marriage look easy peasy that growing up into this reality is quite frightening. I mean, how do you know that they are the right person? Will it work out? And the little mini-mes?!

Anyway, I was forced to accompany her to a friend’s wedding meeting. She had been given the position of secretary and thus couldn’t even skip any of the meetings. I being the gentleman, decided to escort her to the meeting seeing as it also affected our evening plans later.

On reaching the venue, we found our place at front seeing as that was where she would be seated. The gathering, small, all family members made their way to the seats. We were welcomed to the third meeting and given updates to what was happening and how much we needed. The chairman, not as verbose but with a cunning charm while using his words gave us updates on the ongoings. The groom’s friends cheered and hollered from the back. 

There was a pulpable excitement that resonated within the room it rubbed off me. I felt that I too should be a part of this, help celebrate and animate in whatever way this step into the endless abyss of love. I quickly looked around for some little change and participated in whatsoever the game or function it was. I was excited, and suddenly, I felt that I too would one day be here, and when the time came, I hoped that I’d have family and friends cheering for me.

My ridicule to this rather common activity has softened albeit I feel a decision such as this should find me as prepared and ready to go as I need to be which is unfortunate because matters of the heart can never be planned for.

Anyway, all the best to this happy couple and soon, to us. 


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