Growing Up (Part 2)

‘NO!’I screamed.

Part of growing up is realizing you can now make your own decisions. I’ve had worse weeks, but last week was just up there. As productive as it may have been, I’ve never been frustrated by people in my life. Sometimes in trying to be young, honest and truthful when working, you meet a certain kind of person. They are old, think they’ve travelled and seen the world. They have some money on them, and they are allowed to boss you around because they are your parents age wise. They talk in parables and have now started eating salad, like is the new old age trend. They have the money and they boss you around using the money. They boast of their greatness in subtle but succinctly vivid ways.   

If you have such a client, put down your pen and paper and walk away. They promise you the world, they promise you greatness,and before you know it, you are frustrated, tired of picking up calls at odd hours, and when I say odd, I mean you pick up and realize 10 minutes later who you’ve been talking too. Avoid them like the plague, because at the end, that promise of success is going to be sullied by frustration and no work done. 

Part of growing up is realizing that time is everything. Time. Time. Time. I hate the notion of Uganda/African time, albeit I have not only used it once but several times too. I try to keep time, but of late, I’ve learnt to inquire from people an hour or so whether they are going to waste my time, or I theirs. The interesting thing though is that these old senile men who don’t want to leave office, are the same sloths who don’t keep time, and continue to mention of how prompt you are and why it’s important. I know, I get it, but next time, if some old man wastes my time, I am grown up enough to make a decision. 

Growing up is fun. It’s amazing that I can now see eye to eye with my parents. I am no longer a child who needs catering too. And growing up makes you realize how hard your parents have had it, and still managed to keep a smile on your face. Maybe the essence of growing up is to put a smile on our parents’ faces. And maybe that’s the purpose of growing up. So maybe I shouldn’t worry because growing up is not that bad at all. 


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