Free Style 1

He sat in the car. It was raining heavily, but he was a man with a mission. He stared at the house as he saw the shadows move around behind the curtain. He was going to do it. He was going to finish the job. Not even the rain or the thundering clouds could stop him. He looked at it in the co driver’s seat. They had asked him at the store what he was going to use it for. He would use it. It had cost him. He had to wrap it so that it couldn’t get hit by the rain. He stared at the house again. The dark walkway that was lit by a lamp at the door was deem enough. They wouldn’t know he was coming. He knew that he had to do it once and he had to do it perfectly. There was no room for error. He stared at the package right next to him. The rain would musk his sound and movement, he had to hurry. There seemed to be more shadows moving behind the curtain, but that was not his worry now. He would do it. He looked at the seat and picked it up. He tucked it behind his jacket. He then straightened his jacket and moved swiftly and nimbly from the car that had been packed down the street. He hurried through the shadows not wanting anyone to meet him. He was hoping that the neighbours wouldn’t notice his dark sedan parked down the street. He hurried through the rain, touching to see if it had gotten wet. He would do this once. There was no going back. It was his only his assignment for today. Do it and be done with it. He had sat in the car, watching the house and the lights flicker from one room to another, watching the shadows behind them moving. He’d been seated for over three hours, in the dark, watching. As he approached the door, lightning cast a dark hue across the door, lighting the shadows. He paused for a moment and pulled it out. He walked slowly towards the door. He banged it once, staring at his hands, waiting for the moment. 

The door opened and the lady was startled. She looked at the bouquet of flowers the husband had in his hand. Quite the surprise. She turned and screamed out loud to the children, “Daddy’s home!” 


2 thoughts on “Free Style 1

  1. I have a terrible habit of reading stuff last line first. lol. I did the same for this, then went to the start. I ruined the story for myself, cz I knew the package. πŸ™‚

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