October Musings

1. Have the right support system. Trust me. Every one needs one.

2. Nothing ever goes according to plan. Reminds me of the musing that when man plans, The Lord laughs.

3. Don’t forget your God in anything you do, however misrable, discouraging and frustrating the situation maybe.

4. It could be worse. Always be grateful for the small things.

5. Keep moving. Forward or backwards, just keep moving. Mostly forward.

6. Plan. For everything. Plan. It’s better to have an idea on paper than have nothing at all.

7. Do not despair. The year is almost done, and all the plans and resolutions you had are not even complete, or even started. Smile. Don’t despair.

8. Be in love. Uhm, just be. 

9. Ok, despair a little. 

 10. Happy birthday old man. 


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