Pray Until Something Happens.

In my earlier, heavily secular (I don’t really know what secular is in reference to religion) or rather when I believed more in my abilities than the Most High, when I believed more in fate and coincidence, and natural order, and all other laws that apply to our daily lives, I don’t think I had many worries as I do now. 

When you finally cross the threshold, like I have recently done, it’s important to believe. I recently formalized my company, now liable to taxation and the URA with the intention of going big. I was fed up of the small monies I was trying to get because of not having a company, if I may say. This on the other hand has come with pressures. Unlike where people first work, establish themselves and take on the challenge, I have worked, have a little experience but I am not yet established.

The thing about being established is that when you go looking for work or when you are doing jobs, you are never queried. I have learnt a few hard lessons this past two months or so since I began the process and that’s why I say PUSH.

There’s projects that we started and midway had to terminate due to unforementioned circumstances. I have had to lose a friend or two because I recommended someone to work for them and they weren’t pleased with the job. I have had to refund money because the client was being difficult or unsure of what I was doing. I have closed opportunities because I locked some doors unknowingly. But I am happy where I am. I am thankful. I am grateful. And I am all this because I PUSH-Ed.

Life has a mysterious way of teaching you lessons. But God has always got your back. Hey, if you are reading this, I am not saying much, nor am I preaching. Prayer has nothing to do with deity. Prayer could involve mediation, solace, fasting…a moment of clarity that helps you understand your current situation. So, I keep PUSHing, and will PUSH because I have been witness to what it does for you and the soul. It keeps you calm and hopeful and in a certain way clarifies your rather bleak situation. 



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