Food for more thought 

Help – it’s not bad to ask for it.

Inspire – you need to be or look for it on those bloody dull days.

Jesus – take the wheel

Kuzooka – be proud

Lemon – remember that life gives you lemons, just make the juice.

Mercy – please

Nora – you need friends like Nora

O – orange juice! Life does not always give you lemons, but if you can make the juice, make some orange juice.

Patience – if you didn’t know, it pays

Queue – there’s a long queue. You are not the first in this struggle they call life.

Resolution – Be RESOLVED.

Stress – manage it.

Tea – find something that calms you

Umbrella – for those rainy days

Viola – have some magic, tada

Wise – everyday you experience something, the more wisdom you get

X – if it inspires you, and you don’t know it, then go with it. The X factor

You – in the end, it’s all about you

Zen – find inner peace. 


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