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I’ve written about blogging somewhere before, and recently, Ugandans decided to share their blogs using the #UgBlogWeek hashtag. I think it’s now an annual thing. Whilst reading blogs, a few people came up with things you needed to do about sharing and using your blog here.

I feel that they missed out on a lot more. Blogging has changed over time and what started out as an online diary, is now a writers sharing platform. The key word here is writing. I love to write, but I am no writer. The same way someone might love to draw but they are not necessarily an artist. I think writing as a skill encompasses more than these words I spin like a cotton roll. 

Writing is an amazing art and when you decide to take it serious, maybe your blog might become something serious, to both you and the readers. Here’s a couple of things I believe bloggers should do…

1. Structure your blog. Every writer will tell you that writing has a body- an introduction, the body and then a conclusion.

2. Your title is as important as the story behind it. Sell to your readers your writing. Dumb found them. Wet their appetites. 

3. Your introduction needs to be powerful and it needs to make a statement. Every story teller/writer knows the power of the first paragraph of their favourite book.

4. Converse. Blogs are interactive. It’s a two way thing, the writer and reader both need to interact on your post. It’s not a literal thing. The best reading comes from an emotional stand point. If I am able to emotively relate with what you’re writing, I’ll love and remember what you posted in it.

5. Explore your writing skills. There’s a tonne of these, trust me. Explore yourself as a writer, technique wise to see what your strengths are.

6. Write. Imagery. Puns. Rhetory. Irony. Satire. There’s a thousand and one things you can use while writing. Like the villagers expected Obi Okwonkwo to embellish a little on the English language, embellish a lot in your writing and blogging. 

7. Edit. There’s something about bloggers and sharing without first editing. Make it a habit. Before you share your final post, read through it and then post it. Have a friend read through it. If they like it, then good. If they don’t, well, fix it. Jesus.

8. Share. Don’t share. Link. Don’t link. That’s a personal choice as a writer. Limit comments, have unlimited comments, that’s entirely up to you. Just remember, we now live in a global community. Your writing can inspire a few friends, or it could inspire the world. 

9. Writing can be locally centered but shared widely. The stories shared can be about your local community, but will be read world wide. Try and think about sharing meanings to local dialects, statements, sayings, and words in your blog. Or let the reader try and infer from the story being told.  Think local, share global.  

10. Good writing is good writing. Keep working at it, and maybe one day, you’ll be great.


7 thoughts on “Blogging (2)

  1. But Kuzeec Kuzeec You are an unserious individual you wait until tumemaliza and then you post such important thoughts You deserve canes For that matter you punishment is taking part in the #UgBlogStory Week thingee
    #smh 😏 Yes this comment has zero punctuation nanti I am showing my rebellion

    Ps: ah even my socks πŸ€“

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