Movember Musingss

These are my Movember musings…

1. God first

2. Family second. Sometimes friends can be family, and family can be unfriendly.

3. No new friends? Make friends. Network. If you are trying to make it out there viz you are a CEO of a certain small company, networking can be helpful. I know so.

4. Learning about contracts is important. Business involves contracts and making one is very important and critical. Negotiating is also key. Well, I’ve come to learn this. Also, learning to stick to a contract is key, for it allows you to renegotiate but shows integrity and courage too. I’ve learnt that the hard way.

5. Is your plan on paper? Is whatever it is you want to do written down somewhere? Well, just write it down if you have an idea of what you want to do or execute. It’s important and imperative you have things written down. There’s genius in that.

6. Count on the small victories.

7. Plan trips with friends.

8. No one really Ever has your back, so look after yourself. 

9. The year has almost ended sadly and I have still not met my financial goals.

10. I am still hopeful though. 

11. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with facial hair. The advantage is I will still somewhat look younger in my finer days. But yes, it’s important to cater to your health and watch for those around you. 


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