When people see a smile on your face, see you all well dressed, see you do things for yourself, they think your life is perfect. But little do they know about your inner struggle to achieve perfection. Everyone I know has that inner burning desire and fire to be the best of what they believe they should be or who they think they should be, and seldom times we forget that it’s human to seek this. I am not perfect. I seek perfection. I sometimes, in fact most times believe that the best years are behind us because when we look at the glorious past where we have struggled, we see scars on a soul we’ve tried to perfect.

I am not perfect. I seek perfection. In my work, I see myself as a student and not a master, for if I don’t, then I will stop learning. Why be a master of one when you can be a jack of all trades? Is that not what society expects of us? I sometimes question why they call Albert Einstein a genius. Then I remember, he perfected that one art that made him mad genius. What is my one art? What is your one art?

I write this because I want to remember this as starting point, for I will call tomorrow and the next day my starting points too, for as long as we seek perfection, and have not yet achieved it, everyday is a beginning point. So stop trying to be perfect or seeking perfection. Jump on a boda boda because you can’t afford fuel or a car. Stay home till you mark up that rent money. Or build a house if you are tired of renting. All I am saying is, everyday is a start to rather a series of imperfect perfections. 

Happy Sunday. 


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