End of Year 2015

Good morning from this side of Africa. It’s the 31st of December, New Year’s eve. How have you been?

These are my end of Year musings.
1. Do not despair. I know, I know. I also got about 5 of my 8 resolutions. Which is not a bad thing if you actually think about it. And the remaining three we shall carry forward.

2. Did you read those many books you said you were going to read? Travel to places you wished to go to? Listen to the music you wanted to? What have you done this year that makes it memorable?

3. I am the brokest CEO you’ll ever find but slowly by slowly we’ll get there.

4. I’ve loved hard and lost some but I keep moving forward.

5. Tabula rasa. Been a while since I heard or saw this word. Common in architecture during the end of the world War which meant a clean slate from which to build new countries and cities which were destroyed during the fighting. That and also the beginning of modern architecture in the 1920s.

6. Believe that you don’t know and maybe you’ll find out more. I am probably the dumbest dude around here.

7. Still looking for the solution to world peace. I still don’t know why humans are a violent bunch. Can’t we tolerate each other?

8. I want to be a rich billionaire philanthropist without the playboy part. Refer to 7.

9. I’ve learnt lessons from this year that going forward should be interesting. I like the going forward part.

10. Before the year ends,  take time to reminisce on the bad and the good. And to those I hurt,  disappointed or misled, I apologize. I will personally take what I did from those misdeeds and will better myself.

11. Uh.  Speechless.

12. The year has been good to me. Spiritually, emotionally, physically and somewhat financially. I hope 2016 is good to me. New year,  New me? Let’s roll.

Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas.

I can guarantee you that it was a jolly christmas, because I ate and ate until I could not eat any more. Is anymore one word?

Well, last night I had a visit from Santa. He waited till I was asleep to finally take action of his masterminded plan. He broke through the glass window, used whatever thing-a-magic he had and was able to get away with my phones, ipad, wallet and laptop bag. Luckily, my laptop was in bed with me. Don’t ask why it was in bed with me, but Santa walked away with my merry christmas.

I woke up running to the police to report where I was told that because we had tampered with evidence, they couldn’t bring a sniffer dog, and on that note he wished us a merry christmas saying that bad beginnings have good endings.

I cannot cry over spilt milk. Unfortunately, however sad the situation was, I had a barbecue to go to. We had been invited over to a friend’s to enjoy a sumptuous meal. At around noon, we headed over to their place where we had an amazing meal. There was every thing from starters to the main course to the christmas spirit, sorry, alcohol. It was quite jolly. Jolly enough to get over the Santa visit.

So, a merry christmas to you and to all a merry christmas. Don’t be sad. Revel in the merry.


The Past

I was young when the Rwandan genocide happened. All I remember was my parents talk of bodies floating on the lake Victoria and crocodiles eating parts of them. And a few years later, watching Hotel Rwanda, I realized the atrocity and savagery that happened in Rwanda, and now, as the country blossoms, we can’t help but feel that the scars have started to heal.

I was not born yet when Idi Amin and his state bureau terrorized my beloved country. Again, all I heard were stories and read a few snippets. There have been movies made about him, and how he kept the heads of his said victims in his fridge.

The greatest quote I’ve read and I will try and paraphrase it on here is that, ‘the greatest scourge that has happened to man is not disease or Mother Nature, but the animosity and ferocity man manifests on fellow man.’ I see stories on what’s happening to Burundi, and I shudder because not long ago, my friends and I were planning an excursion to Bujumbura where tales of tall light skinned beautiful goddesses reside. It’s disheartening to see corpses littered around the streets, empty streets, wailing children, and an East African community that is oblivious to the situation.

I cry deep inside of the many futures cut short, the happiness that’s been snuffed out of families, and an oblivious nation. Next year’s elections are around the corner and my heart is racing. Shall we be safe? Will my family be safe? Shall other nations be oblivious? Shall history repeat itself?

The sad part is the stories that are cropping up…in essence, the only President who has spoken about the Burundi Crisis is Paul Kagame of Rwanda, whose country is taking in as many refugees who are being accused of being rebels to the nation of Burundi. The Ugandan President supports the third term which the Burundian Pierre Nkuruzinza is trying to get and where the violence stemmed from, and apparently asked for $2.5 million to help resolve this situation. The Kenyan and Tanzanian presidents who can do something are not and have failed to do something. It’s chaos in the East African region.

It’s disheartening that this Christmas, as the world celebrates the holiday, some people in Bujumbura – Burundi will wish that what’s happening to them is a dream. We as Africa cannot keep silent about the Burundi Crisis. I stand with my fellow brothers and sisters. I am an Umurundi.

December Musings

Is it Christmas already? The year has played hop scotch on me. It feels like I was just penning down my resolutions at the beginning of the year. Anyway, while most people gear up for Christmas, I gear up for the most exciting time of my work season. Like Christmas shopping, my clients seem to want to spend an extra dime on their spaces. It is design galore for me this time of the year. I find my selfemployed self going long nights and busy days. I am pretty much excited.

Well, here are my 12 musings thus far.

1. Uhm, the year has ended. Feel free to ask yourself what you have achieved, don’t worry, I will wait. 

2. Arrrgggghhhh. WORK! It does this to me sometimes.

3. If you are self employed, who exactly pays you a salary?

4. I am OLD!

5. I am broke.

6. Tomorrow will be a better day, I say the next day. 

7. Don’t put all your fruits in one basket.

8. Being self employed is hard.

9. I was once asked by a client if I pray for all my work…yes, I do. God over everything else.

10. There’s a thin line between desperate and broke. Sometimes you have to say no, but yes, but no, but…there’s so many buts.

11. November flew by me.

12. How many districts in Uganda have you been to? Places? Regions? Have you travelled this year? I’ve been to Bulago and visited the pineapple bay. I was recently in Fort Portal. Damn, we do have a beautiful country.

12 and a half. I am glad that I’ve written at least twice each month this year. I am glad that you’ve taken time and read. I am glad that people are following albeit my mumblings are some what still  amateurish.

These monthly musings are but a collection of thoughts, ideas and juxtapositions that have influenced my past month. Hope you like them.

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