Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas.

I can guarantee you that it was a jolly christmas, because I ate and ate until I could not eat any more. Is anymore one word?

Well, last night I had a visit from Santa. He waited till I was asleep to finally take action of his masterminded plan. He broke through the glass window, used whatever thing-a-magic he had and was able to get away with my phones, ipad, wallet and laptop bag. Luckily, my laptop was in bed with me. Don’t ask why it was in bed with me, but Santa walked away with my merry christmas.

I woke up running to the police to report where I was told that because we had tampered with evidence, they couldn’t bring a sniffer dog, and on that note he wished us a merry christmas saying that bad beginnings have good endings.

I cannot cry over spilt milk. Unfortunately, however sad the situation was, I had a barbecue to go to. We had been invited over to a friend’s to enjoy a sumptuous meal. At around noon, we headed over to their place where we had an amazing meal. There was every thing from starters to the main course to the christmas spirit, sorry, alcohol. It was quite jolly. Jolly enough to get over the Santa visit.

So, a merry christmas to you and to all a merry christmas. Don’t be sad. Revel in the merry.



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