The Past

Ah, the glorious past. The very glorious past.

A thought recently crossed my mind, leaving trails of a recent discussion I was having with a group of friends. Why are we quick to claim that we shouldn’t be judged by our past? This was in regard to lifestyles and relationships. Why do we claim innocence for our past mistakes mostly in relationships? Why do we seek a clean slate for the mistakes we did in the past?

This arose from the thought of whether we deserve happiness in the present yet we faulted in our past. I am no Saint but I am a firm believer that what happens in the future is forecast by what happens in your past. Most people call it karma or lessons, and thus begs the question, if you know that what you are doing now is wrong but insist because it’s in the now and you can get away with it, what happens tomorrow when it’s your past, and don’t want to be judged by it? Because yesterday is the today we will be talking about tomorrow.

We make mistakes, but forget that tomorrow the mistakes will haunt us. I have a friend whose not had luck in her relationships citing that no one really likes them, that they deserve happiness, and yet, their string of flings would light a filament. And this is done while they are in a relationship. I am puzzled. And tomorrow, they will wail about how they deserve happiness.

Life is a paradox, or so we believe. But why not live with the simple notion that what you do now affects your tomorrow, and what you did yesterday affects your now.

I am not perfect. Relationships are the hardest thing humans ever invented, or is it nature. So I try to live right, do right because I believe I deserve to get right.

I see young people frolic in their side dish extravaganzas and wonder why they claim and clamor to a happiness that is clear non existent in the future.

Oh well.

2 thoughts on “The Past

  1. ‘Oh, well’ indeed! It’s not easy to sit back and take one’s punishment, so don’t fault them (us?) for thinking this way. Yours to constantly remind us so we factor it into our expectations and behaviour as we go further into the future, leaving penitence in our wake rather than destruction.

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