Random January Thoughts

1. I was going through my phone, checking my call log and realized that I need (new) friends. As much as I hate to admit it, the conversations seemed divided between my partner and my work. And that was from Monday to Monday. There was an occasional call to family but that was a rare occurrence. I pride myself in communicating but this realization is now a worry. Don’t I have friends I can just randomly talk to, share a light moment? Maybe I should add making friends to the list of my resolutions for 2016.

2. Speaking of resolutions, this year’s one have been the hardest for me. It took me almost two weeks coming up with them, before I stumbled on the ones I had written last year. And here’s the magic, composing new ones became much easier after going through last year’s. It also gave me the realization that there’s continuity and that there should be progress and growth between last year and this which is reflected in your resolutions.

3. Hunh! I seemed to have realization so many times in this one post. Anyway, we live in a time where one prides themselves in knowing, a jack of all trades and forget that we are masters of none. It’s reflected in the prevalence of social media these days and people popping of opinions like they are that learned. I rather seek to master my trade so no one can best me in it. What we end up having is pseudo intellectuals and petty thinkers. We end up on the shallow pool of knowledge, not really knowing what lies within its depths, its abyss. Don’t be like these people.

4. January like time waits for no man. And maybe it’s because I now work for myself (not bragging) but January is done. It’s just one more week and it’s done. Just like that. That and the fact that I need the elections to come and get done as soon as possible. I need busy in my life, and that’s not about to happen with uncertainty looming.

5. Oh, and lastly Happy Birthday Sagye.


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