It took me forever to figure out that February has two ‘r’s. That and the fact that it’s the shortest month in a year. Finally January is done and with it hopefully the beginning of the year. This week in particular has been a lot tougher for me in a life changing kind of way. I am still trying to figure it out, to make sense of it.

First of all, working for yourself has its limitations. I find myself beyond exhausted and this week with its sickness has really done me in, and yet, I still have to work. I have forced myself to work this week I am adding myself vacation days. That’s the catch.

January was good to me, but here are my February musings.

1. Nothing in this life can or should stop you from being you. I am tired of people blaming the world like it owes you a damn thing. As long as you breath, duc in altum.

2. Busy is good. I barely make it as my own boss but one thing I’ve come to appreciate is that busy is good. Having something to do that might not necessarily be as rewarding is good because it keeps your mind functioning. And it’s important to have a functioning mind at all times.

3. Always watch the way you perceive yourself. People always look at themselves in a different light, one that’s is shining and most times blinding to themselves. How we perceive ourselves is most times correlated to how we want the world to perceive us, but fact is, it is never really us. It’s always what we are most afraid off, what we don’t want the world to know.

4. I thought I’d have two musings  to correlate with the month but here’s to my little sister who’s no longer a teenager. Again, they grow up fast. Happy birthday Chloe. Fun fact, when she was in school, her teacher couldn’t pronounce her name and thus her other name Susan came to be. Unfortunately, it always catches us off guard.


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