We all know most complex English words have their origins based in latin. I am not going to expound on that.

In my second year at Architecture school, back, back in the day, we were given an assignment in our Graphics class. It was very simple, define and present ‘Perception‘! In a class of about 30, we all had to present our ideas on what we thought perception was.

I don’t remember exactly what I did, I’d have to dig up archives and heaps of paper to come across my presentation chat. That’s besides the point. Over and over again, we’ve been trained to perceive, analyse and deduce (Sherlock-esque) and this has given me a somewhat heightened sense of my environment and the people around me.

Now to the actual point. People are a complex set of perceptive notions and ideas which are due to preconceived experiences of what their environments are. Environments greatly stimulate how we perceive the world too(day) and these are not restricted to just natural environments. They can be emotional, spiritual, physical, financial to mention but a few. These environments over time affect what become our daily habits and later on norms. The challenge though is that when it comes to people, there’s always a complexity brought about by their ability to think, rationalize, deduce on whether what they are perceiving at that particular moment is right or wrong.

Fun fact, our environments have common law, codes of conduct, and the human system also has a reset button on what we decide to perceive and how we react to what we perceive.

*Apologies for my rumblings

The thing is, we chose to perceive and see things any way we want but the fact is, we can’t control what we decide to perceive as it. And above all else, perception is and can’t not control what is that natural law or the state of being. Humans have devised names and come up with all sorts of concepts but here is what I am trying to say; you can’t fully control what you perceive and you can’t perceive what you can’t fully control.

There’s not absolute right or wrong. Neither is their a middle ground.

Your right and my wrong can be the same. It’s just perception.

I am sorry I had to put you through all this. This is just a note to my future self.