Valentine’s Day – Uhm!

In a rather bizarre series of events, I’ve never actually celebrated Valentine’s with anyone! Yesterday -it was only but yesterday -while people wore their best red dresses and suits and carried around flowers, I was at home mulling, wondering whether I should sleep early or just wait up for the All Star game, and the Mamba’s last game. Things have just never worked out for me on this day, and maybe that’s why I despise it. While people eat chocolate and look into each other’sΒ eyes, I laze around on a couch wondering who will win the game tonight.

In a rather complex set and bizarre situation, I find my self cold, deep inside where the feels are said to come from. Relationships are a gamble to many, while to me, it’s a series of equations that I feel should benefit me, and when they don’t, I blast open the bank vaults and run like the wind, tail tacked trying to wash away the love shared and bared.

In a rather confusing manner, I am happiest when people are happiest. I’d rather downplay my happiness just to see other people happy.But the reason I write this is because I want to share my sentiments on what love is, what it should be! – hey don’t judge!

  1. Don’t quantify it. You either give it or don’t, there’s no 50 50, or 60 40 or 100%. You just do it, like Nike.
  2. Sometimes you can be too busy to be with a loved one. I am perplexed at the notion that youΒ mustΒ  be there for a loved one, all the time. This is life, the variables themselves don’t support this notion. But true, love involves sacrifice, be it personal, emotional or physical.
  3. Do you actually deserve what you get? I am torn when people say they deserve to get (better) things because of what they’ve done or what they didn’t do. You definitely deserve the best, in love, but it is not necessarily the last or the only one thing.
  4. Love is not and should not be reciprocal. The moment it takes that side, it becomes a game of quantity. I did this or you did that is not the language of love.
  5. The lady’s feelings and expectations are valid. As a gentleman, you either choose to or not to. Don’t waste each other’s time!
  6. If someone wants to be with you, uhm…for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s third law on love.
  7. It’s imperative that you respect your partner, and their boundaries. Also don’t be the douche whose boundaries upset your partner and still talk about having boundaries.
  8. Go with the flow. Always go with the flow. There’s an African proverb about the river that goes with the flow. Trust me, I read it somewhere.
  9. Love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship.

  10. Picked that (9) from somewhere. I think this was some kind of rebuttal, or a failed attempt at it. Again, love it love, just do it.

These are just mere sentiments. Some don’t even apply because fact is, Love is just that, Love. It has meaning, it has no meaning. It has importance, it has no importance. It’s a like a catch 22, a double edged sword and when you play around with it, you get burned.

So, Happy Valentine’s anyone?


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