March Madness

As I celebrate Easter today, my unofficial birthday – I was born on Easter Sunday some years ago, I can’t help but wonder at how fast this month is done. I mean, yesterday was February, right? Anyway, Happy Easter Holidays to anyone reading this.

On this rather quiet day, I decided to keep myself busy watching a movie. Paper Towns is one of those movies that takes you on a journey, a questioning journey. One where you start to ask and evaluate yourself. One where you compare your past to your present. One where you try to demystify the elusiveness that is life. It is a beautifully scripted movie. Very simple, and nice on the mind.

So, yes, while watching it, I started to question where I have reached this first quarter of the year! Am I still at par with what I set out to do this year?

Anyways, here goes my March madness:

1. Relationships are a strange thing. Be in one because you want to be in one. Relationships are not a convenient store. Relationships are not so many things. We were talking about a friend of mine who never seems to be single at anyone point. She changes her boyfriends like she does her hankie. And amused at her, we asked her why she does this? Well, she’s afraid of being alone, that and the fact that she’s looking for a partner who can match her wit. And the best part, she doesn’t carry baggage. You either have it or not with her. Anyway, just be you dammit. I am not here to give relationship advice. I am just saying that you are either in one for the right reasons or you might never like the end results.

2. Hard work pays. And I am witness to that. Well,it does take a dedication and zeal I sometimes find myself lacking but I try. And I have been trying for some time but I am happy where I am right now.

3. March has ended. Time to do your quarterly review. It is impressive how time flies. Anyway, just going through my new year’s resolutions trying to figure out what I need to change and what I need to maintain.

Lastly, I’d like to apologize for not being as funny as I think I used to be.

Anyway, jokes on you!

Wake Up, Africa!

Wake up, Africa! Wake up! Get out of that slumber and get your ass going. Go find something to do! You can’t just sleep and spend the whole day on your laptop watching whatever it is you are watching. If you can’t find a job, go back to school. Learn something different, do ACCA!

“But I studied architecture, why do I need to do ACCA?”

Because you need to learn something different, something new, something challenging. You see me, I started with secretarial studies and now I am a procurement specialist, a manager and your mother. Wake up Africa! I am tired of hearing this talk about architecture when you are not working or studying it.

“But I own a company? I am working for myself?”

Where’s the experience? You just finished school not so long ago? Why are you hell bent on working for yourself. You need the experience, the connections, the expertise! At least if you have a company, go partner with someone who can at least pay you a month’s salary.

“But the last time I worked I was being paid peanuts and being overworked?”

Have you forgotten that you are not a child anymore. You are an adult. You have responsibilities. You have a life ahead of you. You can’t afford to begin playing these games. Wake up Africa. You spend half of what you earn on fancy dinners and take outs. You are unhealthy, fat and broke. You have barely saved anything. You just come back home to a free house and a free bed. You can’t even buy grosseries. Wake up Africa, I will soon be retiring and I don’t want to carry the burden of today tomorrow. I am an old woman Africa. I am not going to be working forever. Look at your father, when he was your age, he had his place, a job, in fact, he had three jobs. You have younger countries to look after, they look at you as an example. Wake up Africa. You can’t stay in bed till 10:00am. Your favourite pass time can’t be playing video games. Wake up Africa.

“I am trying mother. I am trying!”

Then tell me what your plan is for the next 5 years? Where do you want to be? Where do you want to go? I’ve prayed for you Africa, but my prayers are not enough! You have to go out there and seize the day! I want grand children now.

“Ok, let me go work!”

Spending the whole day on your laptop is not working. I’ve told you that you need to find a job. Find something. Remember how you wanted to go to the best schools, and then you passed? Remember how you wanted to be an Architect and now you are one? What happened to that old Africa? The one who told me that ‘if you love sleep, you’ll know poverty?‘ What happened to them?

“They grew up! Life has taught them lessons. Life is life! I am no longer that one person!”

Wake up Africa! Wake up!

Wake up Conrad!

February Musings

When we deeply reflect on who we are, we start to see specks of past encounters, decisions we made and their consequences. What we do with these consequences is entirely up to us, but should we choose to neglect them, then we cannot find true happiness.

I find myself in this blur, continuously moving, not knowing when I will stop, to take in the moment. I find myself in a blur, wondering to myself, when shall you stop.

March is here, and I hope it has come with good tidings. Here’s a couple of last month’s musings.

  1. Believe in yourself. There’s nothing as important as self belief because when there’s doubt, even for a flicker, you start going down that famed downward spiral.
  2. Work out, or fast or do something. Your health is important, and while you are at it, don’t go showing off your progress. Well, allow me too just this once. I’ve lost up to 6 kilograms or is it 13.2 pounds in the last couple of months. Don’t know what to attribute it to. Maybe the normalcy in my life has contributed a lot to it.
  3. Stick to your principles. I know, however dumb, ridiculous or obnoxious they are. Always stick to them, for there’s a reason why they are principles. At least, they do come in handy when making some of the toughest decisions in life.

Lastly, let me not forget I need God in my best times as much as I needed him at my worst. I am finally excited that one of my friends is finally growing up and taking care of himself and being responsible.

I would also like to apologise (not) for this very very boring post.

The Broke Guy’s Guide to Dating a Girl in Kampala

Over lunch last week, my friend and I delved into the dynamics of dating, and what it means. One thing that came up (she’s a lady) was that she wanted to go out occasionally on lunch and dinner dates but because some times the money did not allow, her and her boyfriend resolved to push it to another time. I had to admit, I had been in a similar situation. You know the times your girl really wants to go this new restaurant in town, after reading all the reviews but the wallet doesn’t allow for it so you promise to take her another time. And eventually, you find that you have so many unrequited lunch-dinner dates.

Money talks. Money makes a relationship easier. Money is money. It’s even crazier when your girl has more money than you do but the man in you insists that you pay the bill. I get you, I’ve been there too.

Here’s the thing, going out makes a relationship something else. Adds a dynamic to it, makes it less boring. So here goes;

1. There’s many nice and cheap restaurants around town. Javas has monopolized this market but truth is, it will pinch your wallet. So go to Cafe Mocca, a small nice despot nestled between NSSF Workers House and on NIC building. What you pay for one meal at Javas, you pay for two at Mocca. The ambience is good. The furniture amazing. The standards here are high enough for you to get away with being cheap and yet you are not spending.

There’s Sky lounge too. I know. I KNOW! Sky lounge has this two for one shindig on Tuesday and Thursday. There’s pizza on one of those days. Again, for a great Javas meal, this is a steal. Sky lounge is the bomb. Taking her there and still paying is sure going to get you more marks and the best part, you can afford.

2. Night out on the town? She’s talking about liquid silk? Don’t worry. There’s nice youthful affordable hangouts with happy hour from Monday to Monday. I could list them here but then again, if she wants to go to liquid silk, will she allow for happy hour?

3. Movies? Movies these days are so cheap that there are so many cinemas trying to get you through there doors with promotions. Just be on the look out. The Manic Monday at Cinema Acacia, the Half price on Wednesday and Thursday at Cinema Magic – Metroplex. These have got you covered.

4. Let’s just be real is a beautiful song by dej loaf. Check it out. Anyway, relationships need money, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be cheap while at it. Some girls need certain things like going out to keep them out so knowing the what abouts of you city will help. You can even plan a trip outside town. Spend wisely though.

Unfortunately though, Kampala’s hangouts are restricted. There’s no public gardens or library or park. Your options are limited but that shouldn’t stop you from creating awesome experiences.

This is not a guide, nor am I promoting any of these places. In summary all I am saying do you!