The Broke Guy’s Guide to Dating a Girl in Kampala

Over lunch last week, my friend and I delved into the dynamics of dating, and what it means. One thing that came up (she’s a lady) was that she wanted to go out occasionally on lunch and dinner dates but because some times the money did not allow, her and her boyfriend resolved to push it to another time. I had to admit, I had been in a similar situation. You know the times your girl really wants to go this new restaurant in town, after reading all the reviews but the wallet doesn’t allow for it so you promise to take her another time. And eventually, you find that you have so many unrequited lunch-dinner dates.

Money talks. Money makes a relationship easier. Money is money. It’s even crazier when your girl has more money than you do but the man in you insists that you pay the bill. I get you, I’ve been there too.

Here’s the thing, going out makes a relationship something else. Adds a dynamic to it, makes it less boring. So here goes;

1. There’s many nice and cheap restaurants around town. Javas has monopolized this market but truth is, it will pinch your wallet. So go to Cafe Mocca, a small nice despot nestled between NSSF Workers House and on NIC building. What you pay for one meal at Javas, you pay for two at Mocca. The ambience is good. The furniture amazing. The standards here are high enough for you to get away with being cheap and yet you are not spending.

There’s Sky lounge too. I know. I KNOW! Sky lounge has this two for one shindig on Tuesday and Thursday. There’s pizza on one of those days. Again, for a great Javas meal, this is a steal. Sky lounge is the bomb. Taking her there and still paying is sure going to get you more marks and the best part, you can afford.

2. Night out on the town? She’s talking about liquid silk? Don’t worry. There’s nice youthful affordable hangouts with happy hour from Monday to Monday. I could list them here but then again, if she wants to go to liquid silk, will she allow for happy hour?

3. Movies? Movies these days are so cheap that there are so many cinemas trying to get you through there doors with promotions. Just be on the look out. The Manic Monday at Cinema Acacia, the Half price on Wednesday and Thursday at Cinema Magic – Metroplex. These have got you covered.

4. Let’s just be real is a beautiful song by dej loaf. Check it out. Anyway, relationships need money, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be cheap while at it. Some girls need certain things like going out to keep them out so knowing the what abouts of you city will help. You can even plan a trip outside town. Spend wisely though.

Unfortunately though, Kampala’s hangouts are restricted. There’s no public gardens or library or park. Your options are limited but that shouldn’t stop you from creating awesome experiences.

This is not a guide, nor am I promoting any of these places. In summary all I am saying do you!


5 thoughts on “The Broke Guy’s Guide to Dating a Girl in Kampala

  1. Lol true. But but…. after so many compromises, at some point bae would want something fancy and then there you go back to square one.

    I just feel if a patner wants something but later “understands” and set room for alternative, the crave hasn’t really gone away, it hasn’t even been suppressed. It’s just been locked away, because understanding.

    1. Understanding is a very complex word, especially in relationships. Most times the girl wants to go out, can afford but because bae is broke, she needs to understand. I think it’s about finding that balance, between exciting and new, but affordable.

      1. Also true. But not every time balance, sometimes go all the way and spoil!!!!! *tongue out*

  2. Javas? After reading this I realised am a spoilt girl and I need Jesus to fix me. Plus the girl above that wants to go to liquid silk, unless the bae is uncomfortable she could go there with her girlfriends as often as she likes why carry bae along yet you could just have a fun girls night. Plus I hope this her bae is working hard and saving money and not using all the little money on nonsensical outings…..okbye

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