February Musings

When we deeply reflect on who we are, we start to see specks of past encounters, decisions we made and their consequences. What we do with these consequences is entirely up to us, but should we choose to neglect them, then we cannot find true happiness.

I find myself in this blur, continuously moving, not knowing when I will stop, to take in the moment. I find myself in a blur, wondering to myself, when shall you stop.

March is here, and I hope it has come with good tidings. Here’s a couple of last month’s musings.

  1. Believe in yourself. There’s nothing as important as self belief because when there’s doubt, even for a flicker, you start going down that famed downward spiral.
  2. Work out, or fast or do something. Your health is important, and while you are at it, don’t go showing off your progress. Well, allow me too just this once. I’ve lost up to 6 kilograms or is it 13.2 pounds in the last couple of months. Don’t know what to attribute it to. Maybe the normalcy in my life has contributed a lot to it.
  3. Stick to your principles. I know, however dumb, ridiculous or obnoxious they are. Always stick to them, for there’s a reason why they are principles. At least, they do come in handy when making some of the toughest decisions in life.

Lastly, let me not forget I need God in my best times as much as I needed him at my worst. I am finally excited that one of my friends is finally growing up and taking care of himself and being responsible.

I would also like to apologise (not) for this very very boring post.


36 thoughts on “February Musings

  1. lol
    I’m not going to let you make me brag about my baby-forming abs, and my getting steady with 15pushups. I’m aiming for 25 by month end. Lol

    Yea. Principles are the truth. Helps the mind with non-conformance and resisting indecision. When you always know how you want some things done and what you would have zero tolerance for.

    1. Baby forming abs. Ok. I gave up on working out to get abs. I now do it to stay healthy. Principles are the truth, and I had them recently tested, and I am glad they helped. 25 push ups? Only?

      1. Yes only! Pfft In just a month and half. I’m still an amateur. Just starting. Always thought they were overrated until I was dared to try 5, by someone that felt I “claimed” I workout so “it should be easy”. Now I just keep daring myself. Kind of fun

      2. How are push ups kind of fun? I can only do 10. And that’s pushing myself. I’ve never really worked out. Just play basketball occasionally and hope that I lose the weight.

      3. Pls when you lose the weight, send them to me. Basketball huh.. are the stereotypes true? Is you like 6’9? 😦

      4. Losing weight is the hardest thing. So I am proud of the loss. No, the stereotypes are fictitious. I think I am 6’2 or something.

      5. No! Fish! Not dare me to work out. I’m FitFam! I work out! The dare was on push ups. Just because I’m a lady. Mschew

      6. 25 push ups is amazing. Working out is amazing. Anyone who’s dedicated to their regiments is great. I just get angry when these same people judge us for not working out, eating wrong and judge our love handles.

      7. We will not do it again. don’t be angry. Lol sometimes some people cant help it. When you find the key to success or the route to heaven, wouldn’t you want to take others along?

        Roll your eyes o. You people just give it names like “judge” and others. My friends are lucky I’m not a good friend like that. If not I should be doing those “judging” things healthy/exercise club people are about. I shame them😳

      8. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. If I found the road to heaven, I’d gladly run with it. It’s ok to judge ‘appropriately’ by encouraging those around or close to you. Just don’t post selfies of you sweating and stuff. Baby steps

      9. Nawa o. One minute don’t judge. Another, judge appropriately. Soon you’ll be saying censor your words off exercise/health terms. Next thing, dont wear clothes to even show skin for the fear of seeing healthy or toned skin.

        In a matter of time you’d create a dictionary for them and acceptable wardrobe. Continue. πŸ˜πŸ˜‘

      10. All I am saying is be you. There’s no rationale behind my ambiguous thought process. Exercise, great. I have friends who do it and when they talk about it, they encourage you to do it, and not show off the 100 push ups they do everyday by being vain on instagram. How you dress reflects your spirit, your state of being. If you feel like wearing mini, then go ahead. Express yourself.

      11. … and show off those toned thighs only an athlete can possess and thereby provoke you?

        loool I’m playing. I understood you 3 replies ago

      12. In the mood to see your tick off limit. Hmm ‘tick off limit’ sounds like a good title for something. Hehehe

      13. Hehehehe. I don’t have a tick off limit πŸ˜›. It sounds like the maximum number of things you can do on a bucket list. Oh, I reached my ticket off limit last year.

      14. loool I think everyone does. You can’t possible be 100% tolerant of everything. But yea, its all good.

        Maybe the right title should be ‘ The journey to finding what disengages the tick off limit into a bucket list disguise’.

      15. That is a very very long title. Damn! I even got confused while reading it. What is your tick off limit on a scale of 0 – 100? I usually put my anger – transfer it into my writing.

      16. Lol I don’t got one. I’m not human. Loooool that’s how we’ve turned your comment page into a chat room like facebook comment pages.

        Subsequent commenters.. Please pretend all you see are relevant insightful comments concerning the content of this post! Replace the comment strips with profound contributions and pretend ‘oluchee’ is deep, wisdom-filled and a worthy follower of the blogger😌

      17. Hahahahaha! I think I have the fewest comments on my blog. This is probably the most I’ve got in about 2-3 years. I mostly write for myself and hopefully some wandering soul comes by and reads. Yes, this looks worse than a facebook comment page. And yet, everything here is insightful and deep πŸ™‚

      18. Hahahaha wait… that might not be me o. I might not be vain enough to screenshoot my tweet into my blog. Who does that? Pffffft

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