Wake Up, Africa!

Wake up, Africa! Wake up! Get out of that slumber and get your ass going. Go find something to do! You can’t just sleep and spend the whole day on your laptop watching whatever it is you are watching. If you can’t find a job, go back to school. Learn something different, do ACCA!

“But I studied architecture, why do I need to do ACCA?”

Because you need to learn something different, something new, something challenging. You see me, I started with secretarial studies and now I am a procurement specialist, a manager and your mother. Wake up Africa! I am tired of hearing this talk about architecture when you are not working or studying it.

“But I own a company? I am working for myself?”

Where’s the experience? You just finished school not so long ago? Why are you hell bent on working for yourself. You need the experience, the connections, the expertise! At least if you have a company, go partner with someone who can at least pay you a month’s salary.

“But the last time I worked I was being paid peanuts and being overworked?”

Have you forgotten that you are not a child anymore. You are an adult. You have responsibilities. You have a life ahead of you. You can’t afford to begin playing these games. Wake up Africa. You spend half of what you earn on fancy dinners and take outs. You are unhealthy, fat and broke. You have barely saved anything. You just come back home to a free house and a free bed. You can’t even buy grosseries. Wake up Africa, I will soon be retiring and I don’t want to carry the burden of today tomorrow. I am an old woman Africa. I am not going to be working forever. Look at your father, when he was your age, he had his place, a job, in fact, he had three jobs. You have younger countries to look after, they look at you as an example. Wake up Africa. You can’t stay in bed till 10:00am. Your favourite pass time can’t be playing video games. Wake up Africa.

“I am trying mother. I am trying!”

Then tell me what your plan is for the next 5 years? Where do you want to be? Where do you want to go? I’ve prayed for you Africa, but my prayers are not enough! You have to go out there and seize the day! I want grand children now.

“Ok, let me go work!”

Spending the whole day on your laptop is not working. I’ve told you that you need to find a job. Find something. Remember how you wanted to go to the best schools, and then you passed? Remember how you wanted to be an Architect and now you are one? What happened to that old Africa? The one who told me that ‘if you love sleep, you’ll know poverty?‘ What happened to them?

“They grew up! Life has taught them lessons. Life is life! I am no longer that one person!”

Wake up Africa! Wake up!

Wake up Conrad!

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