March Madness

As I celebrate Easter today, my unofficial birthday – I was born on Easter Sunday some years ago, I can’t help but wonder at how fast this month is done. I mean, yesterday was February, right? Anyway, Happy Easter Holidays to anyone reading this.

On this rather quiet day, I decided to keep myself busy watching a movie. Paper Towns is one of those movies that takes you on a journey, a questioning journey. One where you start to ask and evaluate yourself. One where you compare your past to your present. One where you try to demystify the elusiveness that is life. It is a beautifully scripted movie. Very simple, and nice on the mind.

So, yes, while watching it, I started to question where I have reached this first quarter of the year! Am I still at par with what I set out to do this year?

Anyways, here goes my March madness:

1.Β Relationships are a strange thing. Be in one because you want to be in one. Relationships are not a convenient store. Relationships are not so many things. We were talking about a friend of mine who never seems to be single at anyone point. She changes her boyfriends like she does her hankie. And amused at her, we asked her why she does this? Well, she’s afraid of being alone, that and the fact that she’s looking for a partner who can match her wit. And the best part, she doesn’t carry baggage. You either have it or not with her. Anyway, just be you dammit. I am not here to give relationship advice. I am just saying that you are either in one for the right reasons or you might never like the end results.

2. Hard work pays. And I am witness to that. Well,it does take a dedication and zeal I sometimes find myself lacking but I try. And I have been trying for some time but I am happy where I am right now.

3. March has ended. Time to do your quarterly review. It is impressive how time flies. Anyway, just going through my new year’s resolutions trying to figure out what I need to change and what I need to maintain.

Lastly, I’d like to apologize for not being as funny as I think I used to be.

Anyway, jokes on you!


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