The Banana Girl

I usually work late and head home when I believe there’s less traffic on the road. Sometimes, I get caught up in doing what I am doing in the evenings I actually forget it’s late. My route home is usually the same, I never deviate. It’s gotten to that point where I seem to drive back automatically.

Since I started driving, on my way home, there’s this young girl who sells bananas  who seems to always stop at my window. She’s quite insistent when she’s selling her bananas that one day, she put a banana on the dashboard and walked away. Bemused, I tried to return it to her, all in vain.

Her work area is around Wandegeya, along the traffic lights section. She moves from car to car trying to sell her bananas. Occasionally, I find her around the market area where they sell chicken. She’s always polite, greeting you and asking you to buy her bananas. She seems to do this every evening – even during the school term. She’s gotten to that point where she knows my car and knows me that she’ll normally come and ask for me to buy, and although I don’t like bananas – have you eaten the kawanda cross bred bananas, I always give her what little I have.

About two days ago, she came to my window and I told her I was broke but if she saw me in the next two days, I’d pay. Today, I drove home quite late. It was coming to 9:30pm when I stopped at the lights. She was seated on the curb stone and immediately she saw me, her face lit up. She came and told me how she had seen my car earlier but it was not me (my brother was using it then) and saw someone that looked a lot like me and thus concluded was my brother. Excited, she told me she waited to see me today. I did my due and gave her some money as promised. I also cautioned her to stay in school and work hard, on which she told me she was going to work hard and eventually drive her own car, and I told her that I couldn’t wait.

At the beginning of the year, the Church’s preaching was help the poor, the sick, the needy, the suffering and much more. I know that the little I occasionally give her might not be much but truth is, I doubt I can walk a mile in her shoes. If you are snide, or harsh around these people, you create a ripple that eventually has adverse effects. I do know sometimes they are pesky and stubborn but I am encouraged by their spirit every other day to do this. Don’t buy the banana if you are not going to eat, but give her money or something. Could be a book, or pen or something. Play your part, nothing is a given.

Next time I meet Banana girl, I should ask what she wants to be in the future. That’s a story for another time though.


There’s that point in life, right before you make it out of that tunnel that’s the most difficult to get out of. That point at the top of the tunnel where you need just one more outburst of strength to get over, and where you feel you’ve given it your all that you should just let go. I believe we have all been at that point, the prefix to every success story. My moment or point was not so long ago and yet, today, looking at all my errands, feels like eons of years ago.

That point is excruciating I tell you. That point where you feel you’ve made it but you have not made it. That point where everything has aligned itself but there seems to be nothing going on for you. That point in my case where I seemed to meet as many clients but still had no work to do. Ah, that point.

I just need you to know that eventually, with prayer, you will make it over that point. With faith and the constant belief that you will make it out, make it over that edge, that’s where and when you shouldn’t give up hope. It only feels like January was a few months ago, and I was struggling to look for work, where all client meetings ended with we shall give you a call and now, in May, I feel like there’s not enough day for me to do work.

I just need you to remember this point. That point is critical in your path to whatever level of success you want to attain. That hunger, desire and desperation needs to be the same. That point where you move from desiring hundreds of thousands to millions and more. That hunger should never be filled, and should remain insatiable.

And that’s why you need more. More hunger. More determination. More prayer. More strength. More faith. More resilience. More. Just more.