Losing Julie

Losing Julie

Rest Well Muffn.


On the evening of 11th June 2016, wrapped in warm clothing, damp handkerchiefs in hand, the twins, their sisters, Joanne, Maghi, Hellen and I sat close together in a church to pray for a friend.

A few meters away, her mother; held and surrounded by relatives, who if they could, would reach and touch where it hurt and make it stop . Hers was a pain like an itch you couldn’t reach. I don’t know, I could be describing mine or many of ours. I can’t quite explain hers because I imagined it on my own mother and I couldn’t bear it.

Prim and Sheila were away. The other, Julie -lay in a box, white and gold, at the altar of the church.

We were not here to pray for safe travels or healing or success. We had come to pray for her soul, that God may have mercy on…

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