June Musings

1. June hasn’t been the best of months. It’s literally been a scary month for me, spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically. It’s a strange thing when you start a spiritual journey, and half way through, you don’t know if you are on the right path or moving aimlessly. Emotionally, I’ve been at my best  and was sad that I was still immature and petty. The primitive in me just never went anywhere! You know when you get hurt and you resort to the basic of instincts and decide that an eye for an eye would still not make the world blind. I was blind.

2. Emotionally, I lost a sister, a friend, a joker, a dreamer, a rasta. I just don’t want to ever feel like that again, and I am truly grateful for the people that have calmed me through these thick and uncertain puddles of water.

3. I hurt my ankle trying to be like Michael Bryant, a cross between Jordan and Kobe.

4. I’ve gained some weight.

5. The heart wants what it wants.

6. If you live your life graciously and happy, and touch people and influence them to be better versions of themselves, and want them to aspire to greatness, then you would have lived a great life and when you pass on, you go home knowing you did your part. I learnt a lot about Julie in her passing more than I knew about her in her living.

7. July, be good to me.


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