What’s love got to do?

Do you remember Tina Turner shriek in that beautiful voice of hers the words ‘what’s love got to do?’

Meet John. Sorry, John is a common name, but hey. He’s studied, listens to the finest music, jazzes about philosophy most of the time, and he’s failed to find the perfect fit. To John, the perfect fit has to meet and match his wit, understand his music, and understand the difference between  Venus and Mars.

Meet Sera. Sera loves to sing. She loves to have fun. She’s a jolly person. She’s adventurous and she wants a partner to meet and match her level of excitement. Sera loves to chat. To her, the perfect fit is someone who is mysterious, and much like a puzzle. She likes a challenge, and if you are not, you better hitch a ride out of her life.

James loves fast cars, and like his car, he loves fast women. It’s all about speed. To James, the perfect fit is one who is easy to maneuver and can easily get down, if you know what he means. 

Dora is a book worm, she’s studying for her masters. She’s been an A student, and deserves an A+ man. To Dora, he must have a Ph.D. or the equivalent. What’s your profession is her catch phrase. What’s your fit?

Meet Conrad, what’s love got to do?

Are we honestly and truly happy with ourselves? What’s love honestly got to do. Love is tired. Love is tired of the perfect fit, love is tired of the easy to be with, love is tired of the one who makes me happiest, love is tired. Love is fed up of people misusing his name. He bought me this, he loves me she says. She is a great lay, she loves me the most. Honestly, if you were love wouldn’t you be as tired. If love was Conrad, wouldn’t I be tired of all the things I have to do, say, or be to make you fully love me? Would you still Conrad if I didn’t do these things? Why can’t Conrad be simple.

I mean, replace love with your name every time you think love is gotta be a certain way and let me know if you would still want those things of yourself. What’s love got to do? 


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