July Mumbles 

It’s amazing what a month can do and what can happen in a month, months…and as I reach the half way mark, and begin the second half of the year, here are my July musings.

1. Fatigue.

I’ve never been as tired as I’ve recently been. Not even the sleepless weeks and nights in design school can compare to this. A friend mused at how fast I sleep off, another claimed that my body had a pass out clock. As soon as that time hit, it was goodnight for me. I’ve been working, for myself, my company, team, and clients. I actually seriously need a 28 hour day, but I am fine with just 24, for now. The other night as I was chatting a friend, I passed out a few seconds into the conversation, and the next morning, I awoke to very angry emojis. 

2. Caroline Kamahoro

I finally found out what Banana girl’s name is. That and the fact that she has a mother, and two brothers – in primary one and four, and that her school fees is the equivalent of what some people spend on a meal at Javas. And that she’s in Primary 7 and she wants to grow up and be successful. Talking to her as the lights turn green every other night puts my life in perspective. We sometimes have so much and yet not know how some people have very little of it. 

3. Hope

It’s an amazing word that one. And if you have it, keep it. If you can’t find it, believe it actually exists. It’s what I literally run on for the month of July…hope. 

4. People

Why are we a cold and selfish people? It’s amazing the hate one manifests for another. Preach love and not hate. 

5. Single

A friend and I were having tea the other day, and she was musing at how old and comfortable she has become since becoming single that she’d rather spend a whole weekend in bed watching Devious Maids. Obviously, I wondered at how you could spend all that time in bed, but hey. So, I made a decision, maybe I should just be that, alone, that and the fact I’ve run out of gusto and patience to deal with people.

6. More Hope

You ever feel like you are trapped, and can’t seem to find a way out? There’s this incandescent energy with us that keeps on pushing us forward – if you are actually interested in moving forward. More than anything, believe in yourself. I mean, no one will other than the people who put you on this earth, and sometimes, they might doubt some of the things we strive for. More than anything else, prove to yourself what you are made off, and when you succeed, remember, I told you so. Do it for yourself, not others. 

7. The Juliet Tumwesigye Foundation

My friends and I started the foundation on three principles; to help her family, to help ourselves and to help those in similar situations. And right now, we are helping her family and we are helping ourselves. So, my request is simple, if you are a frequent boda boda user, get yourself a helmet. It could save your life. Also, be careful in choosing your rider, try as much to see for any reckless scars on the hands, see the state of his bike. Before you haggle, know well whose hands you are putting your life. And for us the road users, car owners, a little patience will go a long way in saving someone’s life.

8. Happiness 

It’s within you. 

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