She sits in the car, says she needs to take a nap and yet from her eyes, I can tell she has been crying. We make light fun of her situation just to cheer her up but unfortunately, there’s no pain like a heart break. She starts to tear after the joke has long gone. She wonders why she spent all this time, loved this man, made him a man, and yet he continues to go ahead and do this. To torment her and her feelings. Why are men dogs, she exclaims. She’s tired. She doesn’t know where to start from. She’s invested her last two years in what she termed as her future. She’s vexed. How dare he? She’s now the laughing stock of everyone. She shuts her eyes tight, wishing that this moment disappear, that this moment cease to exist, that she ceases to exist in this moment. She’s crying again. 



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