August Rumblings


Hello, once again.

August has 8 letters, and it’s the eighth month and for that, here are my 8 rumblings about August.

  1. Like August’s rain, money has been scanty. Is scanty even a word people use? Well, my wallet and August’s rain have been the same. Scanty. Anyway, we are still experiencing those same scanty rains in September. Tough, innit?
  2. Self check! Sometimes things are going so well, you don’t know you are leaking, shading and it’s not until you stop and catch that breath that you realize you are empty.
  3. Life never stops teaching you lessons. And as the days go by, my belief in humanity keeps on dwindling. We are a bunch of selfish people. We are only interested in things that benefit us, or those that enrich us. Every one has there spots covered, coloured or hidden and on one few occasions, August’s rains have exposed them. So yes, August has been good to me personally, and somehow not as financially exciting.

Speaking of which; WHY ARE WE SELFISH? Why are we myopic? Why are we a bunch of dim witted nutters? I mean, we are innately selfish I understand but to glorify this, to make not caring a thing is just absurd.

It breaks my heart every other day when I see the bravado with which people boast and post about not caring, not having any decency. I mean, sometimes it can pass but it shouldn’t be. In fact, IT shouldn’t pass. When young folk go around bragging about their indecency in public and somewhat come of as saviours, then I surely don’t know what’s going on. We’ve made promiscuity a trend, we’ve made drunkenness a trend, we’ve made cheating a trend, we’ve lost the common decency and value in the things that make us human. It’s every one for themselves, nothing more, nothing less. It’s hard when people say they have to reach a certain level of promiscuity before they can settle. It is a challenge. An unhealthy one!

And what’s more surprising is that we go ahead and ask ourselves what’s wrong with our generation! Where unplanned pregnancy is revered and AIDS is but a common cold? Where seeking perfection is scorned upon? Where losing your virginity is a big achievement? Where young girls and boys don’t aspire to being decent human beings because it’s not a fashion trend. I fear for myself and for those around who still believe that there’s hope for humanity. And maybe there is.

Change your ways? No! Grow up a little and see the light, the happiness that comes with knowing that all these new normal societal norms do not affect you. I say this because all of the time people have come to me with problems, it was because of the above same reasons. We don’t trust our partners because society expects them to cheat on us. These new trends are our new insecurities. It’s beyond me. It is worrying when people believe it is a good thing to be broken! Broken? We are a broken bunch of people these days because inadvertently the things we praise others for doing are the things that inherently hurt us. It is okay for your friend to cheat on their partner but not okay for your partner to cheat on you? It’s their problem you claim, right?

I believe that the energy you give off to the world, you will receive. You call it karma, you can call it whatever you want. Just do right with yourself. And please, feel free to blame your ass every time you fuck up! That is a YOU problem. Maybe YOU will learn from it then!

Happy New September which is almost ending! Also, where are those people who want us to wake them up when September ends? It’s only next week!


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