What the FUCK is going on!

Oh, no, this is not me. 


What do you do when the people who take care of you need to be taken care of? I never for one didn’t start to realize the pressure you are under when you have a family to take care of. Parents make our struggle feel effortless. They ensure that you are in school, are fed, have clothes on and much more. It was not until I started earning that I realized the struggles most people go through, family, money, work, life.

It’s just that yesterday, I met someone who was helping a lot of people and they needed help too, and all I could say was that things will get better. That life is about grinding through the minutes, hours, days, months, year and making sure that you enjoy that grind, control the downs, maximize the ups. It was sad. We are trapped in this cycle we call living, waking up and asking ourselves, what next. 

I just don’t want to be trapped. I don’t know how to be trapped. And recently, randomly musing to myself, I asked, how the hell to my parents deal with me, and my other siblings? And it brought on a set of complex emotions and thoughts.

So, today I am grateful. And I thank God for what I have, in whatever capacity, family, friends and enemies too. What’s life without trial? But I also made the absolute decision, again, to impact those around me and more. 

So, I will go for a Rolex today evening, and to my friends, keep going.


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