My Friday nights are always a stay in because I always want to be on the basketball court early Saturday morning.

Earlier today, I was putting together what I was going to share next. From trying to strain my little brain cells tonight, it must be an experience one way or another, a story about someone. Also, if you are wondering what I am doing up this late, well, I exhausted my sleep two hours ago. I blacked out at around 10:30pm and woke up at 2:00am thinking it is 5:00am.

Today is also kind of special. My closest friend’s sister is getting married and we have to suit up. I know, I am puzzled too, not about me wearing a suit but rather the sooness with which she got married. I just heard about her engagement at the beginning of the year and voila. There’s also something interesting about our baby sister getting married before us old men. Oh well!

So, it’s about 3:43am and I am wondering when I will finally fall asleep because I am not about to take my sleepy head to the basketball court. Yesterday was hectic though. Anyway… 

Good morning…

Trying to bore myself with music 🤔

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