October Blues

So, here goes…

In a conversation with a client, turned friend, I narrated to her about my experience with Banana Girl – refer to earlier post and how she would be doing her final primary leaving examinations (PLE) in a few days.

It so happens that on that day we met and talked, she had just bought cards for a ‘baby’ cousin who was going to be sitting their PLE exams as well. She was so touched by my story she gave me a ‘free’ or rather an extra card she had bought. Lucky me, right? I had promised to buy Caroline Kamahoro a card and deliver it but seeing as I had failed to, this was a grateful opportunity.

So, last evening on my way home, with the signed card from client friend and I, I delivered the card to Caroline, and I hope she aces her exams. The card talked about superceeding your limits, perfect for someone who was going out of their way to excel.

Anyway, here goes, success to you Caroline, the sky is no longer the limit. 


2 thoughts on “October Blues

  1. Your concern for this girl is just amazing. May God keep touching your heart to do good and extend your care to as many that can reach it.

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