The Wild Cat…

For the last two or so weeks, we’ve been visited by this stray cat that prowls the neighborhood garbage bags…and I cordially named it Suzanne. As soon as we get home every evening, it walks to our door and starts meowing. I thought it was our neighbour’s cat but when I inquired, I was told it was a stray. Unfortunately, TIA and I am not about to adopt a stray cat but I surely have grown fond of Suzanne. I don’t know why I called her or him Suzanne but I just think it is a fitting name. 

It’s quite interesting though, when we get home, it comes and rubs its body against my leg like, yo, I’ve been waiting for you. She usually climbs the window by the living room and starts calling us out as we have dinner and as soon as I get up, it runs to the door, waiting, expecting. She’s ideally forced me into budgeting for her every time we get dinner.

Ah, Suzanne. Do you even know that you are being written about? 


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