Faith, Meditation and Prayer…

Uhm, this might get boring so, feel free to close the page, or type Amen and Like. Yes, this is one of those posts.

I remember at the beginning of the year emphasizing how I had started a spiritual journey. I was born into a staunch catholic family, and have been wearing my beads – rosary strong for some time now. I remember once when I was 16 I had a nightmare, the ones that seem to manifest in 3D, the ones so real you fail to sleep. It was quite a strange night. I had come to the dorm room at around 10:15pm, and had immediately slept off, and when I awoke from the nightmare, it was just 11:00pm. Lights had been turned off and my heart was pulsating at speeds faster than light. 

I couldn’t sleep that night, not with what I had just imagined or rather dreamt. I prayed that night, I got my beads and prayed, and prayed everyday after that before I went to bed. I came across prayers that resonated well, and put me in a good place before I went to bed. I also started to sleep with my rosary, shower with it, eat with it, wear it like any other dress cloth. I think for me that’s when my faith started to manifest and grow.

Being in a catholic school means mass twice a week and prayers every other day and in as much as it was boring, it set the foundation for me. 

Anyway, I did lose the belief when I joined campus, and didn’t pray as much or even go to church at all, but my beads stayed with me, and before I slept I prayed. Fast forward to this year, my faith renewed, I quite like where I am right now. I am not straight an arrrow but God got me so I am gonna be alright. I mean, I sometimes fall, a lot, but I keep on believing and that’s all you need, to believe. 

Team Jesus 💪🏾


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