Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you, reading this and to your people – family, friends and loved ones.

I spent mine 571 kilometres away from Kampala in Kidepo National Park.

I dare say that it was an amazing trip, with the family. It was a full day’s journey going, leaving Kampala, heading towards Gulu in the north where we had lunch. Gulu road is amazing, Karuma bridge and falls is a site to behold. 

From Gulu, we started to move east to Kitgum, where we got a little lost setting us back an hour or two behind. We finally found our way to Kitgum and then to Kidepo. Kampala to Gulu is about 330 kilometres, Gulu to Kitgum is about 100 kilometres on grade 1 murrum. And from Kitgum to Kidepo is about 134 kilometres.

Kidepo is a beautiful place. And I wish Ugandans would travel and see the marvel that is their country. 

Anyway, Kidepo is where I spent my Christmas Day, and from me and my family to you, Merry Christmas and a happy New 2017!

The family lifting off

Some of my photos 


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