61 Days of January

Hunh! When is January ending?

When I was younger, I hated January. I simply hated it because I knew we’d be starting school soon. I didn’t care that it was this long, I just had the unsettling feeling that I’d soon be packing a suitcase and start rolling the mattress before heading off to boarding school.

I am now older, and I even hate it more. It’s like the devil’s little irritable cousin, or that neighbour’s damn dog that won’t stop barking half the night, or the baby next door who just learnt to cry. January is Snow White’s step mother who wants to kill her day after day, if Snow White was December. January is you getting home with 2% battery excited only to find your yaka is done! January is when the rolex guy gives you the thinnest chapati, and matches it with the most malnourished tomato.

Well, you get what I mean, dammit!

I have a feeling that like you, my new year’s resolutions have already been tucked, forgotten, ready to be opened again sometime next year. January are those friends who check on you just to ask for a favour, and forget you as soon as you hang up! People don’t voluntary decide to lose weight in January, January decides that for you, I mean, with your brokeness, you can barely afford a decent meal.

Well, January is almost done. And if you are wise, you should ensure January’s young brother February doesn’t become a nuisance.

Happy almost end of January, and happy birthday to my young brother, Ronald. And no, he’s not like February!