January Randomsies

Good morning.

I hope you are well.

These are my general January randomsies.

Randomsies (n): Hapharzard thoughts that crisscross my mind over a long or short period of time that determine the/my course of action. 

1. Breaking point. I am still looking for that threshold that will determine my reverse scale. Many filthy rich and successful people can easily determine that point that decided that for them, and mine was January. I am not yet filthy rich but January 2017 was a bottom line for me. I have never been as broke as I have ever been, frustrated to the point I opted for a mundane survivor kind of lifestyle. Still today, I am not yet out of this pit but I like the decisions I have made thus far. 

2. Anniversaries. Today, I turn 9 years old on Facebook and WordPress. Happy anniversary to me.

3. Know her friends. I once wrote a spiteful post about lunch with an ex that got some people asking me whether I was crazed in doing that and why I shouldn’t put it down. But for the sake of posterity, and the essence of what I felt then, I will leave it. It just that, like a dominoes effect, a thought occurred to me; do you know her friends? Especially the male ones. I remember one evening out when I dated this girl and one of her friends came over to say hi before asking her if I was still dating her? What? How and why he asked that put me off, thinking that maybe he was told something about a future break up. And from what I had known about him, she was quite close to him. Those friends of hers that became ‘brothers’! Anyway, know your partner’s friends and what they think/feel about you before you get shocked.

4. Love deep? Love strong? Love hard? This is naive poppycock and some deep rooted fallacy. Love yourself first before trying to attempt to love another. Go figure.

5. iPhone emojis vs android texters. I have this one friend who makes it a point to send emojis my android phone can not yet translate and thus it becomes a blank message. And then they make fun of me…and I am not a fan of this.

Uhm, I think that’s all 


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