Refresh; Life in the Spirit

You are Spirit, With a Soul, In a Body.

This has been the teaching at church for the last few weeks.

This has sort of thrown light into some thoughts I have been having recently.

So, last evening after our MC fellowshipping, I had a chat with a friend who was in the same place I was about 7 months ago. At the time, I was asking myself who I was, and what my relationship with Christ was. I was seeking Him out. I had surrounded myself with people who seemed to know Him, had an intimate relationship with Him, and seemed to have everything together. They were truly and honestly happy. Not the false happiness we wear on our faces, hide behind our smiles, but radiating happiness.

I kept on asking myself what they had, that I didn’t! I kept on wondering what they did, that I wasn’t doing. It would hurt me internally when I saw the joy and testimonies they told when we met. I wanted that. I wanted that joy, that happiness. If Christ really was giving them that joy, why wasn’t He giving me the same joy?

Anyway, when I started this relationship with Christ, to a greater extent I thought that things would happen immediately, and that I’d be in a better place and space like my friends were. I expected much. I desired for much. Boy, I wanted what they were getting.

But then, I realized that we are different. Our understanding and relationships with Him were different. I understood that it was a journey. I knew that eventually I’d be where they were. I started to hold no grudges and slowly started to trust in Christ, and in God, and building a relationship with Him.

My personal relationship with Christ is that of an older, wiser brother who is always looking out for the younger brother. And to me, God is my parent. That’s my relationship with them. To some, Jesus is their best friend. Well, the more time I spent thinking about Christ, and listened and heard, the more I realized that God is always with us, and we are always with Him. God has always wanted us to have a personal relationship with Him.

The Bible holds the answers to all the questions we most times don’t have answers to. Last night, taking to a friend who was where I felt I was months ago, it was easy to relate and see in what state of mind he was and it was easier preaching to him.

We are here to be Spirit filled and Spirit led, and to continuously renew our minds to Christ like things. Focusing on Christ like things is to have life and peace, and to be carnally minded is death was the teaching at fellowship yesterday. And having experienced Christ in every aspect of my life these last few months has been humbling.

What is your relationship with Christ?

I know and believe that God is walking with us everyday, communing with us through prayer, and that all that you need, desire, seek in Him, you will find. Phil 4:8!

Have a lovely month!


What. Are. Your. Values?

Who are you? What are you?

This is the question I’ve asked myself most this year. Who am I?

And like the saying goes, you look for something long enough and you surely are going to find it. And I am so glad I finally found what I was looking for! I finally found myself. I finally knew who I was! I finally understood the path that I should walk!

And it starts with values! What are your values as an individual? What are my values? Surprisingly, our values reflect deeply in all aspects of our life. In our spiritual, physical, financial, relational and intellectual spaces.

Finding your values is not a one day event that ends in you understanding what you need to do but rather a journey, a purposeful journey, that pushes you in the direction you need to walk. Personally, mine started when I was looking for a relationship with God. I honestly felt that I was lacking spiritually even if I believed and acted according to my faith. And when I started to figure out what kind of relationship I have with the Alpha and Omega, the Creator, it’s become increasingly and increasingly clear where I should go.

And most of all, I understood what my values are as a christian. When I got a hold of these elements and aspects of what I am, I started to apply them into various spaces of my life, my family, my relationships with my partner and friends, my work, and every little thing that I do.

It is exciting I tell you. You start to see life in the Godly dimension, and that is the most comfortable way of living. No stress. Peace of mind. Only good things I tell you.

So, what are your values?