My 2017

As the year comes to an end; time check, 7:00am – Sunday 31st December, 2017, I am laying in bed, reminiscing on what a great year this has been.


I remember the 60 days of January, trying to figure out how I was going to manage them. How exactly was I going to get through? I was frustrated at how I spoilt the most beautiful thing and probably the best thing to me in 2016! How? We’d fought and we could barely talk. Like January’s 60 days, I was resilient! The best advice I got was, “be patient with yourself!” Thanks Don. I am glad I did! January was so long I did reflect on it a lot. Resolutions? Hahaha! I remember stating that my only resolution this year was to let go, and let God. I am glad I did. Also, the brokeness! The company needed massive reviewing! Sonia graduated!


It’s her birth month! And we started to talk again! It is indeed the month of love. We decided to start, afresh, as friends! I chose to. I was determined to be her friend. And I am glad I did. The business took a new twist, a small learning curve. I was looking for God! I wanted God! We celebrated my fave people’s birthdays! My Ndoi and Chloe!


I got an invite to come to church! I didn’t know yet that God was calling his child back to the fold! I was at first hesitant but I decided to go! Church is amazing! I didn’t know that this would impact my year as much but I was glad I went the first time! I also got an invite to join Club 1000! God was loving on me.


Hahahaha! I experienced God on a whole other level. There was much to celebrate in the Easter season. I started to believe in my purpose. I learnt and unlearnt many Spiritual elements and facts! I started to understand my purpose even more. I started to slowly dissolve from the public scene and keep more to myself. It’s my birth month too. I fell in love with her, again. I am thankful for her. I pray for her, Mabucci.


Church was amazing. I can’t seem to understand what took me long. God is good. God is taking the wheel! I did find myself holding on but I was being encouraged to let go. God is providing and provided. My prayers became focal to growing myself and the people around me!


This month is for and was for reviewing how far I had come! God’s wheels were set in motion for the best and final half of the year!


I was forced to re-evaluate my friends and friendships! Maybe some are not healthy and others are! There’s one such friendship that honestly tested my faith and I was torn between being Godly and not. I started to understand human truths and Godly truths. I was reminded of forgiveness and healing. I was loved even when I found myself undeserving! I loved on my partner, and I am glad they taught us the open secrets to a happy marriage! Love is a choice! Church is amazing! The business started to pick up! I decided to move out, get a new place – my own, and start afresh!


What are my values? What are the things that make me, me? I fell in love with my best friend’s family! My source of joy! My values as a CEO and head of the company were affirmed! I was ready for the year! God’s love for us is boundless!


Maybe working for my parents wasn’t such a good idea! Parents have expectations for us that when we don’t meet them we ‘fall’ short of their love and patience! I realized that the things I wanted for my self are not the ones my mother wanted for me.



She said YES!


I’ve finally let go and God is in control!


I now look back at the year, smiling and happy! The journey has been exciting. God has been faithful! His grace is bountiful!His love never ending! My company is well and booming! I am in love, and I found God. 2017 has been a beautiful journey, and 2018 is going to be even better. God is good!

Inner Peace

Like Master Shifu spent most of the third installation of the Kung Fu Panda movie doing, finding your inner peace is seldom experienced. I mean, what is inner peace? How do you even know you have inner peace?

I think…

Have you noticed how things that would bother, irk you in the past now don’t even vex or move you? That someone said something or even thought it about you no longer has an impact on your self esteem? Have you noticed that the problems you once assumed were the end of the world don’t even come close to national security quotas? That that issue you once pondered on for months on without end seems to be like a breeze on a cold Friday morning with the sun rise in the back drop?

I think…

Inner peace is mostly finding comfort with oneself and just doing you. And I don’t mean a doing you that’s unrealistic but rather a doing you that you enjoy being you.

I think…

We find inner peace when we allow the inner man to be. The inner man – soul – gut – or whatever you want to call it is influenced by a lot, society, society and some more society. But, if you let the Spirit man guide your inner man, oh, you will start to enjoy inner peace.

I think…

I digress a little here. God is faithful. God is graceful and loving. I sometimes amuse when we shudder at God’s love for us thinking that He’s just being exceptional in that moment. I believe that to a greater extent, staying attuned to the Father allows for you to enjoy the full time excellence you occasionally experience as a miracle because life.

I think…

To find inner peace is to allow yourself to be one and a whole. Meditation, seclusion, prayer, exercising, living wholly. You need to be one with yourself. Our biggest detractors are ourselves. We always short change ourselves, our abilities, our strengths. We always want to assume we are inadequate so as to take the fall lightly when we actually fail. Nope. You need to fall. And get up, and fall again. You do it long enough and maybe you actually start to rise higher and move faster. Most times, we are afraid of falling and when we do, we are fearful of rising, again.

I mean, the Dark Knight Rose….sorry, Jesus rose!

I think…

Fulfillment in life, goals, ambition are all important. But the greatest thing that has happened to humanity is to fall in love. To be in love. Love your God, with all your heart, spirit and body. And love another, as you’d love yourself.

I think the secret to inner peace is to be one with the Spirit – God. Love your God. To love others. Your soul and inner man should invest in loving others for where there’s love, there can’t be hate. And when your inner man is loving others, the over flow simply means you are in love with yourself. Finding inner peace is to love others for it’s through loving others that you will understand how to love oneself.

I think inner peace is coming to the understanding that you were put here for a purpose and through our Creator, achieving that inner peace, gives us the strength to go beyond.

Have your found your love?


It’s the season for loving, and giving, and inner peace.