Guys, marriage, aha!

These ma-things, ara!

So, my partner and I had a little squabble. A small one, a tiny one but the way relationships are set up; we both failed to communicate about it because we assumed – i) I thought she knew me, ii) she thought I knew her!

Marriage is a commitment. Marriage is sacred. Marriage is legit dope if you have your best friend by your side! But, like relationships, best friends disagree, and fight occasionally and we disagreed the other day.

Usually, when people disagree, there’s resentment and anger and disappointment BUT that is bound to happen. So what do you do when you fight with your partner?

1. Remember the struggle. For guys, remember what it meant when she said yes the first time. And struggle here is in jest. Remember your journey, how far you’ve come.

2. Time out; always go back to that space where you can both be heard. Most times in relationships, one listens while the other speaks. So go to that space. Or if you don’t have that space, make it.

3. Who made you? Who grew you? If Christ is your foundation, surely these squabbles can come to pass for through His love, we learn to love and by renewing our minds continuously, what are squabbles with your best friend if not just a reminder that you came together with your differences to become ONE!

I believe it’s an opportunity to renew your mind when you squabble!

The Goat that Got Lost


About four nights ago, I returned home from work. One of our many neighbours is a goat herder. So when I parked my car, I saw a kid stranded, and seeing as it was late, I was stranded on what to do! Would I leave the kid till morning or knock at our neighbours this late in the night!

Looking at the kid and the puppy eyes it gave me, I decided to knock at my neigbhour’s gate. No sooner had I walked out of our gate carrying the kid than I heard its mother neighing! The kid almost flew out of my arms. The mother charged at me realizing that it had found its lost baby.

What caught me by surprise was how it was able to identify its child! And the child, its mother. Going by its appearance, it was only but a few weeks old.

I gently placed the kid down and let it run to its mother! Run kid, run!

I went to sleep with a smile on my face. I felt like a shepherd who’d found a lost sheep.

The next night, I returned home at 4:00am from work and found the same kid stranded in our compound – again! Now I was dumbstruck! It was too late to knock at the gate, I just went to bed.

Luckily, I was up by 8:00am heading out and thus picked the kid and rushed to my neighbour’s gate. As soon as I walked in, I looked around to see where the other goats were. Confused, I knocked at my friends door – they live in the same compound, and they directed me to the kraal, located at the back.

No sooner had I stepped into the kraal than the mother neighed! It seemed to sense it’s lost kid. Exciting, right!

Anyway, end of my story!

These are the little things that bring joy, these random escapades! And yes, in Kampala, there are goat herders!

Anyway, just saw the mother -kid duo trod past me. I hope she remembers, or not.

Martyrs’ Day

Today is June 3rd!

We celebrate those who sacrificed their lives for what they believe in!

And, well, it’s got me thinking. Not the reflecting kind of thinking but, thinking!

Looking at these many religions and faith, how is it that there are different gods but just ONE devil? Somebody shared this with me sometime ago and I was amused just pondering on it.

The Ugandan Martyrs who died over 100 years ago died for what they believed in, so what about you? I was watching this is Nigeria, a satirical version of this is America which ideally addresses the issues Nigeria is facing. And in both videos, the artistes are sharing their beliefs in what is happening and trying to bring to our attention the elements that need to change!

When the Martyrs stood for what they believed in, they were castigated, and hated for trying to share their truths.

Faith for me is something that I’ve been pondering about! And I ask, all these denominations seeking the same God, sharing similar principles, why then do you fight against each other? How do you call for brotherly love and still fight against each other in the name of your religion being better?

Looking back home and seeing what’s going on and seeing, can I make a this is Uganda video? What would be in it? And if they are things I believe in, would I be willing to die for them?

Christ died for what HE believed and he set a precedence for what would become the church and yet here I am, calling out other churches…

These are just reflections this day