No Regrets

I’ve been struck by the flu my nose feels like a tsunami of mucus just hit me. Sorry about the graphic image but that’s what it feels like. My wife and I decided to baby sit my niece and nephew for a weekend and the result was this – flu! And which by the way, hadn’t disturbed me for close to a year or even two. I’ve been stuck home the whole week.

Who here has been frustrated and stuck to the point where they don’t know where and what’s going on such that even the little hope you have starts to fade?


It’s gotten to the point where I am asking God, what’s up? Like for real for real!

In the many years I’ve lived, I’ve gone by principle of ‘no regrets!’ And this goes especially to the decisions I’ve made knowingly or unknowingly because I believe that these things happen or would have happened for a reason! It’s like a little bit of chaos theory and Murphy’s law combined! And it’s been ingrained in my system that I believe that was my way of life! So, when the Bible teaches about the Spirit and the influence we have over our lives, honestly, I am conflicted. It’s like a constant battle between the man in me and the Spirit!

Anyway, fact of the matter is that all will be well.

The slow business, the sickness, the personal frustrations!

I believe it’s about growth, it’s always about growth, and that why –

No regrets!

Good Goodbye

Good Goodbye
Old man, let me wipe your eyes
I’ve never seen you cry

Old friend, in your own sweet time

We’ll say a good goodbye
All my life I know by now

All these memories, too much to lose

No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith, I don’t need truth
No one ever leaves you

You’d say this is all there is

And every time you’d blink
You’d miss another piece of this wondrous world
All I’d ask is why you’d leave so soon
Everybody seems to
I don’t need faith I just want you
No one ever leaves you

Everybody raise a glass heres to a good goodbye
Everybody raise a glass heres to a good goodbye
Everybody raise a glass heres to a good goodbye
Oh, everybody raise a glass, oh

All these memories too much to lose

No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith I don’t need truth
No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith I just want proof
This song has been on mind for an entire day now! The melody itself just puts you in a soulful mood. It’s the kind of song that gives retrospective and perspective to what is happening around you!
I thought I had to share.

Moving House

*This is one huge sitting room, ey!

So, we moved house yesterday! I am tired but inspired to write.

Moving house has never been my cup of tea but when my wife insisted, I had to.

*I’d like to give a shout out to Free Movers  who came in, packed everything and moved us.

I think I have a difficult time moving. It’s new patterns, paths, shopping areas, markets and many more. When moving, what is key for me is accessibility, comfort and security. If a place doesn’t meet the three, then I won’t bother. When I look at comfort, I look out for the size of the rooms, the light in the space, WATER, the kitchen and bathroom and finally, the bedroom.

I once stayed in a nice place before later realizing the water went and came like a visitor. I’d barely had water in the kitchen – which runs on the main line, for the year or so that I had stayed in that place. I couldn’t use the kitchen at all.

The bathroom is essential. A good bathroom goes a long way! I’ve been house hunting in places where the bathroom didn’t have a window and I honestly advised the broker to let the client know about the dangers. The entire space was humid. I honestly felt sorry for people who’d lived in or were going to.

On my new list of things to look out for in a place I am moving to is closet space. Good closet space is essential. Who builds closets without drawers?

*Have you listened to Good Goodbye by Lianne La Havas? 

So, we moved into the new place on Sunday and we are already settled in. It was a crazy day but everything was set! And here I am writing, musing, in my new place.